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Helped on: 2841 people
Experience: 10-15 years

Language speaking: en,hu
Screen name: ELPIDA84
Price per minute: 2.99 credits
Expert Level: expert

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ELPIDA84 Bio: ~ REAL HELP ~ Divine messages from God and Angels ~ TOP RATED TRUSTED PSYCHIC ~ DETAILED READINGS! Soul mate, Love, Career, Finance! "she is a real help and does as much as she can to do so."I AM EMPATH, INTUITIVE , LENORMAND- GYPSY AND TAROT CARD ADVISORWITH AN INTUITIVE AND CARING NATURE ! I DO CONNECT PASSED LOVED ONES, SPIRITS ! PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE, EMOTIONS, LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS. TWIN FLAMES, SOUL MATES, KARMA, FORMER LIFE, DEPARTED LOVES ONES, FRIENDS, THOUGHTS, FEELINGS OF OTHER PEOPLE AND MORE ..»»»»»»»»»»»» KNOW YOUR CHOICES ! ««««««««««««« The Choices We Own Don't Exist Or Disappear because we Feel Good Or Bad. What Belongs To Us Is A Result Of The Path We Choose & Will Make The Difference To Owning, Or Missing What Can Be Ours. Know Your Choices.*THE BEST WAY TO PREDICT YOUR FUTURE IS TO CREATE IT!*Welcome on my page !My mission is to give you truthful readings based on your personality/ personal problems and in this way you will be able to start changes and to get the best in your life what you deserve!My readings are calm, detailed, non judgemental, true ! I am a kind honest, psychic who is always ready to help from heart! I already have helped lots friends, people over these years and many of them returning for more and more update readings. I am really happy to see my "work" has a great value!It’s important to keep in mind that nothing is set ... Read More at Oranum

Satisfied members said about ELPIDA84

Elpida really gave me insight and helped me realize what i have to do is have patience and that she connected with me and my feelings and how my other felt about me and gave me clarity to whats going on
by Melissa from Ontario

Amazingly helpful, focused, love her :)
by Jamesie from Clare

Excellent as always, i love this woman!!!
by Jevnas85 from Minneapolis

She was good. time wil only tell..will let u know..thanks for read :)
by Aquavenus from California

I had two reading with elipda about relationships.the first time i was a bit skeptical, so i took what she said with pinch of salt. but as the time goes on, everything she said was proven to be correct on the exact timeline she mentioned. i'm 100% sure of that because i recorded what she said to me for a reference.in my first private reading, she was very nice and tried to be frank. she tried to explain as much as she could but i wish it was more clearer. she usually talks about many things, and it might not be clear at first but when the right time comes you'll realize & say ahha that's what she meant.in my second reading, i trusted her more so i went for a longer session and asked her for more details. i'm very pleased with her answers. i have tried another psychic (without mentioning the name) here before but what he said was proven wrong & far from truth, elipda on the other hand was spot on.
by Loyal4ever from London


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